Healthy Minds are the Building Blocks of a Sustainable World

Our children spend the majority of their day in school surrounded by their peers and teachers where the focus of every day is fostering the growth of Healthy Minds. The environment which our children go to school in has a profound impact on their development and their choices later in life.

One of the goals of the ECO12 program is to introduce school students to sustainable practices. By being around and interacting with devices that lower energy use such as smart power strips (which can turn off DVD and VHS players when the television is switched off) and being taught to fully turn off computers rather than let the machine enter sleep mode, students learn about sustainable practices.

One of the most rewarding things is when our kids come home from school and immediately are excited to tell us about what they learned in school that day. Their experiences with sustainable practices are unlikely to stop when they leave school for the day. They will feel good about turning off the computer, and shutting off lights when they leave the room. Perhaps they’ll ask you as parents to install the “curly” light bulbs (CFL) when the older ones break. You’ll know that they are learning good habits that will last a lifetime and that the environment is benefiting.

Continued interaction with energy saving equipment and sustainable use gives our children an advantage for the future. Such knowledge will serve them well now and additionally in the future when the sustainable practices they have grown up with will positively affect themselves, their community, and the environment as a whole. The knowledge imparted on them now will drive them to grow up to be environmentally conscious adults.

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