Healthy Energy and the Energy Smart Classroom

Healthy Energy is a fundamental component of maintaining Healthy Schools and Healthy Minds. Utility costs are on the rise and the environmental movement is changing the culture in every industry, including our schools.

America is traveling an unsustainable path and the impact on our environment, health, and financial security has become overpowering. Our schools are the frontline in this movement to reduce energy consumption and waste.

High performance schools provide greater rewards to the facility occupants and community as a whole. High performance green schools are the future – Energy smart classrooms are here now. They enhance the quality of the educational setting; decrease the number of student and faculty lost days, while enjoying reduced operational costs, which in turn ease the tax burden on the community.

Whether it is constructing or renovating a school; the greening of a school in a high performance manner is more attainable, practical and financially feasible than ever before.

Today, there is significant data to support the cost and health benefits of going green. In most circles it is agreed the premium of building a high performance school is only 2-3% more than the conventional school building, but the reduction in operational cost, estimated at 30% over the life of the building, actually makes it more than equal.

By implementing energy efficient technology and strategies our schools can save money while teaching our children and protecting our environment.

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